Learn New Behaviors

Learn New Behaviors

Becoming aware of your smoking/vaping habits and relearning behaviors to avoid smoking/vaping triggers can help you be more successful with quitting. Here are some tips to keep you out of risky situations and keep you tobacco-free:

Cut Back

  • Avoid alcohol for the first few weeks
  • Ask friends and family to not smoke or vape around you
  • Limit caffeinated beverages and coffee


  • Find new ways to cope with stressful situations and moments
  • Create new routines like waking up and driving to work
  • Rethink how and with whom you spend time at social engagements


  • Take up new interests that promote your health and well-being
  • Learn arts and crafts that use your hands like knitting, sewing, and woodworking
  • Find ways to spend your financial savings on rewards that keep you motivated

Take the first step to identify your personal triggers and possible solutions for when they occur.